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                                       Nominations requested for annual awards

Do you know anyone who might be eligible for one of the Smoky Hill Trail Association awards?  There are many people / organizations / businesses / landowners, etc., who are very deserving of being recognized, but that the Association Board members may not be aware of.  The individual(s) may fall into one of the following five categories.

                                              ELTON BEOUGHER MEMORIAL SHTA GRANT


               Memorial Mission Statement:  This grant fund was established in 2019 to honor Elton Beougher, a founding member and past president of the association.  Elton served as president of the association from 2013 until 2017.  Elton was more than just an offier and director of the association.  He lent his time and efforts to the work of the association both in the field and in the office.  This memorial grant is established as a lasting tribute to Elton, and for use by the grant recipient as a financial assistance toward a project or research to preserve the historical legacy of the Smoky Hill Trail.

               Purpose:  The purpose of the grant is to provide financial assistance to any person or entity proposing a project to enhance the trail or provide scholarly research on the Smoky Hill Trail.

               Grant Frequency:  to be awarded annually by the Board of Directors or its designate.

               Grant Forms:  Posted on the association website

               Deadline for submission of grant request:  The last day of August of each year.

               Grant Award:  To be announced at the SHTA annual conference.

               Amount of Grants:  $300 per year or as otherwise determined by the Board of Directors.

               Funding of grant program:  Memorial contributions by members and friends and as supplanted by the general funds of the association.

                               AWARD OF MERIT:  (MAXIMUM OF 4 AWARDS ANNUALLY)

               This award is given to recognize individuals, businesses, organizations or groups who have made a significant contribution to the purposes of the Smoky Hill Trail Association (SmHTA), “to preserve, protect, promote, and interpret the Smoky Hill Trail for the benefit of present and future generations, and to promote awareness of the historical legacy associated with remnants and locations that represent the historic trail and Butterfield’s Overland Despatch (BOD) and its successors as well as the railroad that replace the overland trail.  The recipient may or may not be a member of the SmHTA.



               This award is given in memory of Donna Malsom, who was a founder and the first vice-president of the SmHTA and is presented to an SmHTA member for extraordinary lifetime achievement in research about the promotion of the Smoky Hill Trail.


               This award is presented to a SmHTA member for extraordinary lifetime achievement in research about the promotion of the Smoky Hill Trail.



               This award is presented to an organization, landowners, leaseholders, or tenants of trail ruts, remnants, structures, or sites, who have preserved and protected significant portions of the trail or site associated with the trail, and provided public access.  The recipient need not be a member of the SmHTA.


                                                   Fill out the form and submit the request below

                      Smoky Hill Trail Association                                        Award Form
          Please consider the following for the: (Check one)
Award Title

Thank you for your submission!


                                          Elton Beougher SHTA Memorial Grant Recipient

2022 - Andrew Pankratz

2023 - Garret Seuser

                                                            Award of Merit Recipients
2008 - Fick Fossil & History Museum

2009 - Fort Wallace Museum

2010 - Limon Heritage Museum & Limon Railroad Park

2010 - Vivian Lowe

2010 - William Y. Chalfant

2011 - Michael Olsen

2011 - Roger Hensen

2011 - Butterfield Trail Historical Association & Museum

2011 - Nancy Arendt

2012 - Geary County Historical Society & Museum

2012 - Heritage Center of  Dickinson County

2012 - Smoky Hill Museum

2012 - David Clapsaddle

2013 - Sam Chestnut

2013 - Lem Marsh

2013 - Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society

2013 - Elbert County Historical Society

2014 - Patty Nicholas

2014 - Bob Roskens

2014 - Russell County Historical Society & Genealogy Society

2015 - Joanne VanCovern

2015 - Bob Wilhelm

2016 - Phillip Ranch

2016 - Jim Gray

2017 - Rayme Kern

2017 - Bart and Rayetta Addy

2017 - Tanner Mayhew

2017 - Jim Mayhew

2018 - Jim Gray

2018 - Jake Bauer

2018 - JD Perry

2018 - Dee Saddler

2019 - Jayne Pearce

2019 - Nikki Jauken Shady

2023 - Bob and Mary Andersen

2023 - Marjean Deines

2023 - Pattie Mayhew

                                           Donna Malsom Memorial Ambassador Award Recipients

2012 - Mike Baugn

2013 - Jody Zeman

2014 - Jim Gray

2015 - Leo Oliva

2016 - Kay Homewood

2019 - Jerry Thomas

2023 - Marla Matkin

                                                Raynesford Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

2008 - Clarice Crowle

2010 - Lee Whitely

2011 - Flora Weiser

2012 - Dorman Lehman

2013 - Mike Olsen

2014 - Sam Chestnut

2015 - Jere DeBaker

2016 - Mike Baughn

2017 - Butch Hapes

2018 - Elton Beougher

2018 - Wendy Beougher

                                                       Heritage Preservation Award Recipients

2008 - Floris Weiser

2010 - Fort Hays State Historic Site & Museum

2011 - Smoky Valley Ranch Conservancy

2012 - Philip Ranch

2013 - Maarten & Kees Van Zoeren

2013 - Frasier Farms, River Bend Ranch

2014 - Bob Roskens

2016 - Steele, Fisher and Schippers Families

2016 - Mr. and Mrs. Don Befort

2017 - Smoky Valley Ranch Conservancy

2018 - Nancy Arendt

2019 - Bob Roskens

                                       Special Butterfield Overland Despatch Award Recipients

2008 - Donna Malsom

2008 - Jody Zeman



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