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                                   2023 Conference
                      Trego County Historical Society Museum
                       128 N. 13th St., Wakeeney, Kansas 67672

        Discovering the Treasures of Trego County
                              Friday, Oct 20, 2023   
                                        Bus Tour -  SOLD OUT as of 9.25.2023
                                  Meet & Greet

                           Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023 

                   "A Window into Time," by Garrett Seuser

              "The Cartographic Roots of Colorado," by Wes Brown

              "The French on the Smoky Hill in the 18th Century by Wade Davis

               "Railroaded:  The Industry that shaped Kansas" by Leo Oliva

                       "Silas Stillman Soule:  From Coal Creek to Sand Creek"

                        Late Afternoon:  Board of Directors Meeting

                                           Evening Banquet and Presentation
                 "Today's archaeology, Tomorrow's Trails,"    Chris Herriage

                                              Sunday, Oct. 22
              "The History of Trego County Agriculture: Before and After                                                         the Sod Busters"  by Don Rowlison
         "Smoky Hill Thompson:  A Life wild and Perilous" by Wade Davis
                                            Closing Remarks

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